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Dear Coach:

There are two groups of coaches in the market. Both groups are passionate about coaching and its power to change lives. Both are doing their best to attract clients. Both are skilled at asking powerful questions and holding clients accountable for action.

However, only one group is really succeeding at the coaching business – and it’s the much smaller group by a wide margin.

The difference between each group is simple, powerful and probably not what you think (i.e., “I need more leads!”).

The first group is on a never-ending treadmill: Get a client, coach the client, the client leaves, find a new client…Get a client, coach the client, the client leaves, find a new client….Repeat.

The first, less successful group suffers from the same problems you read about in every coaching survey that comes across your email inbox:

  • 1Short engagements.
  • 2Short client relationships
  • 3The constant feeling of being on a treadmill

As a coach, this is an incredibly frustrating feeling, because you can’t have the full impact you want with your clients as you would over the long haul.

The treadmill never stops. Even if someone could magically give you more leads, that would only be a band-aid solution. Soon you are out of clients to coach and you are right back on that treadmill.

Coaching Pop Quiz:

If you don’t have a coaching solution for each of these issues, one that results in at least 5-figure engagements, then you might be stuck on the “treadmill.” Are you ready with a 5-figure solution in mind when the client says….
  • My people aren’t doing what I need them to do.
  • We need a strategy but no one even agrees what strategy is.
  • We have a strategy but it’s not getting done.
  • I have a conflict that is hurting my ability to get things done.
  • The culture needs to change.
  • The team is not performing.
  • I am stressed out and overwhelmed.
  • I can’t seem to get control of my time and I am working too hard.
  • I’m getting feedback that I need to change a behavior.
  • I have a belief that is holding me back.
  • I need to develop other leaders, and make a succession plan.
  • I need to communicate with more impact.
  • I need to be more influential.
  • I am stepping into a new role and need to position myself to succeed.
  • We need to change and everyone is resisting.

“My clients have been ‘blown away’ by the tools I have been able to provide them.” – Lindel James, Executive Coach, USA

The 180-degree shift in thinking that
makes the difference

The second group, however, takes an entirely different approach -- one that keeps clients longer and ultimately makes it much easier to attract new clients.

Their mindset is:

  • Priority #1: Keep clients for years.
  • Do this by having serious impact with each client not just once, but in every single session.
  • As value and trust builds with each client, a stream of referrals to new opportunities follows naturally – and attracting new clients becomes almost effortless.

The coaches in this group – which represents about 5% of coaches worldwide – have more peace of mind because they have figured out how to get off the treadmill. They also feel more fulfilled, because they spend their time having maximum impact with their current clients, instead of constantly chasing new business.

How I Went from One Client to a 7-Figure Practice

I know how powerful the shift is from being in the first group to moving into the second group of coaches, because I made that shift.

My name is Andrew Neitlich and, after struggling for a while when I first started out, I have a full coaching practice. I also run the Center for Executive Coaching, one of the leading training organizations in the world for executive and business coaches. I’ve written a number of books about coaching and leadership, including The Way to Coach Executives, Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches, and Elegant Leadership: Simple Strategies, Remarkable Results.

Even with a Harvard MBA, I still floundered when I started my coaching practice. I got small clients here and there, but nothing major. I was on the treadmill.

Then I decided to change my thinking, and set a goal to keep each and every client for at least five years. Working backwards from that goal, I realized that if I had any chance of keeping my clients for years, I needed much more substance as a coach. I needed a set of coaching solutions to address the full range of issues that leaders, executives, and business owners face.

As soon as I developed those solutions, everything changed:

What Happened When I Discovered This New Approach?

  • One of my only clients at the time ended up hiring me for five coaching engagements. This became my first six-figure client, and I knew I was onto something with my new approach.
  • An executive at that first client changed jobs and invited me in to his next organization, which led to another series of 5-figure coaching engagements.
  • This engagement led to a referral to a growing professional services firm, and a series of coaching engagements there worth well over six figures.
  • Through that work, I met an investment banker/venture capitalist who brought me in to coach entrepreneurs and leaders in the various companies in his portfolio. We still work together.
Jay Conrad Levinson

The work continued to come, as if I had started a chain of dominos falling, one after the other.

By focusing on having ongoing impact with clients -- and having the substance and tools in place to offer real value – all sorts of opportunities started to appear for me, including invitations to speak at top forums, the opportunity to write books with Guerrilla Marketing father Jay Conrad Levinson, and referrals to business owners and leaders in markets as diverse as non-profits, foundations, universities, healthcare, emerging technology, business start-ups, and financial services.

Looking back, I can trace all of this success to the shift I made with my very first client. I didn’t need a huge pile of leads, just a different way of looking at client relationships and a set of solutions to keep adding value.

The key – a coaching toolkit addressing the full range of solutions for problems leaders, executives, managers and business owners face.

This shift happened to me because of the coaching toolkit I developed for my clients.

What is a Coaching Toolkit?

“My work with executives could not happen if I did not have your toolkit. I do not think that I would have closed my last engagement without it. That engagement is worth six figures, by the way.” – Corey Crowder, executive coach and business advisor, USA
  • A comprehensive set of solutions laying out an efficient, effective path to maximum impact and results for you and your clients
  • Flexible to allow additional areas of inquiry, dialogue, and insights – and to add to your existing tools while complementing your approach.
  • Makes it easier to attract new clients, charge higher fees, and keep clients longer.

A toolkit of coaching frameworks prepares you so that you have substance when the client asks for your help with a pressing challenge, and enables you to keep clients longer by providing ongoing value.

“’Toolkit’ could be a misnomer, I would relabel it ‘THE WISDOM KIT’ - the frameworks truly helped me harness my knowledge and many years of experience and was able to modify them to fit my own frameworks...THEY WORK BEAUTIFULLY!...I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS...” -- Armando Jauregui, Executive Coach, Mexico
“The Global Leaders and Expatriate Executives I work with face very complex challenges at business, organizational, and personal levels. Andrew’s coaching frameworks have been pivotal in…helping my clients to leverage their strengths, build trust and commitment across cultures, and turn those challenges around fast and effectively.” -- -- Myriam Callegarin, ACC, Global Executive and Leadership Coach, Founder of Effective Actions, Italy

After a few years, people started coming to me for training. I started sharing pieces of this toolkit to members of the Center for Executive Coaching, and coaches in 32 countries now attest to its power and strongly confirm that it works across cultural boundaries, and can help both business and executive coaches to have more impact with clients and keep clients longer.

“I previously had been struggling with my practice. When I found Andrew, my career took a spectacular shift. I can never articulate enough about the benefits I had. All in all I became obsessed by the tools. Each and every framework is a practice on its own. I am now coaching and training two top companies and my contract is for the next 6 months. Thank you, Andrew, for being one of the main reasons for my career success.” -- Nada Jreissati Daher, Executive Coach, Founder of PragmaDoms, Lebanon
Click here for more success stories

Now available as an affordable, standalone package -- so that you can keep clients longer, and grow your coaching practice without feeling like you are on that awful treadmill….

Thanks to a partnership with the World Business and Executive Coach Summit (WBECS), I have upgraded my toolkit with new solutions and additional lines of powerful inquiry, and am offering it as a standalone solution.You don’t need to join a $10,000 coach certification program to get it, and it is designed to be perfect for time-strapped coaches on “entrepreneurial” budgets.

“Andrew Neitlich has an innate ability to get to the heart of complex issues. He has converted this talent into a number of invaluable coaching tools that allow me to quickly identify the most critical area of improvement for my clients in a matter of minutes.”

— Tim Vandergriend, Business Coach & Strategic Marketing Consultant, Redalto Communications, Australia

The Coach Master Toolkit is a turn-key approach, completely systematized, and ready to go – and you get to join an exclusive global network of top coaches in a supportive forum moderated by Andrew Neitlich.

Whether you are a new coach looking for “instant substance,” or a seasoned coach who knows how important it is to update and sharpen your toolkit, the Coach Master Toolkit will make a huge difference to your coaching practice:

Click here to see a list of some of the frameworks that you receive with the Coach Master Toolkit.
  • Keep clients longer, because you continue to bring them tremendous impact and value.
  • Get new clients naturally, through referrals and word-of-mouth from clients who rave about the results you are getting them; the treadmill goes away.
  • Any one coaching framework can bring tens of thousands of dollars per engagement to you, and set you apart as a leader in your market.
  • You get an ongoing series of best-practice coaching frameworks focused on leaders’ specific, most pressing, and most common challenges. Click here to see a list of some of the frameworks that you receive with the Coach Master Toolkit.
  • Join an exclusive, global community of coaches committed to making a difference to clients and continuing to grow themselves.
  • You should receive a 5-10x return on your investment in this program from your client fees.
  • Complements the core competencies you already know as a coach, and builds on and enhances what you are already doing with clients.
  • Road-tested for over a decade in 32 countries, with leaders at large and small companies, with business and executive coaches; there is no risk of failure.
  • Easy to learn and use and you can put it to work immediately. Takes almost NO ADDITIONAL TIME to start using productively with clients.
  • Personalized support to help you implement the toolkit and use it to keep clients longer.
  • PLUS: You get a license to brand each framework with your company name and logo, and even adapt it to complement and build on your existing coaching.
“These useful frameworks are guides to anchor my thoughts and hold effective coaching conversations on a wide range of issues that my clients are facing. They also give me full confidence of the completeness and quality of the coaching sessions with my clients. I would highly recommend this to any coach, new or experienced, wanting to ensure completeness and quality of their coaching conversations.” —Tom Chong, Managing Director, TC Executive Development Centre, Malaysia

7 Ways that Business Development Gets
Easier with the Coach Master Toolkit

“Your toolkit has landed me an engagement at one of the major consulting and accounting firms in the world, and opened the door to a possible coaching contract with the commercial area of a large bank.”— Arthur Kaptstein, Executive Coach, Mexico
  • 1Your message is more focused and targeted, and therefore more compelling.
  • 2You can address specific problems your clients face and find the easiest opening to a solution.
  • 3You focus on solutions, not the tasks of coaching. Therefore, you are more likely to sell based on value and not your time.
  • 4You demonstrate that you have substance and an edge through a proven approach to getting results.
  • 5You have proof via a proven methodology so that prospects feel less risk.
  • 6You can make a compelling call to action by giving away “sneak peeks” through blogging, speaking, and educating people about one or more of the frameworks.
  • 7MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL: YOU HAVE A HUGE RANGE OF ROBUST SOLUTIONS TO OFFER YOUR CLIENTS, DELIVER FANTASTIC VALUE TO THEM, AND KEEP THEM LONGER. How much additional revenue could you earn if each of your clients stayed with you for six months longer than they do now?
“The Influence Campaign tools have become invaluable in supporting my clients’ successes.” — Terry Hobbs, Executive Coach, USA
"I am working with a growing company and their pipeline of future leaders needs some help. The framework about succession planning was exactly what the client needed to have a framework to move forward." — Karl Pister, Executive Coach, USA

If you care about Return on Investment, the math is simple:

A single engagement with a client using just one of these tools can pay for the entire coach master toolkit many times over…and put your coaching practice on an entirely new level. The program includes support and membership in an incredible community of coaches to accelerate your return on investment.

“Andrew has been a tremendous mentor from the start. The content and insights in these coaching frameworks, and the support that Andrew personally provides to help you succeed with them, have no equal anywhere. This coaching toolkit applies to leaders in companies of all sizes, and helps my clients improve their own performance and the results of their teams.”

— Carroll d’Arcimoles, Executive Coach, France

Click here to see a list of some of the frameworks that you receive with the Coach Master Toolkit.

5 Steps to Close 5-Figure Engagements with
the Coach Master Toolkit

“Since my introduction to Andrew Neitlich’s Coach Master Toolkit I have been able to coach my clients much more effectively because of the very practical, no-fluff and real-world approach the frameworks present. My clients report that the sessions feed positively into their lives and businesses because it is results-oriented, practical and relevant.”— Vern Swarz, Certified Business and Executive Coach, South Africa
  • 1Listen for a problem.
  • 2Always have 10 great questions ready to go to uncover the cost of the problem (provided with each tool in the Coach Master Toolkit).
  • 3Shift to great questions about the value in solving the problem (also provided with each tool in the Coach Master Toolkit).
  • 4Explain the framework and the benefits it can provide (e.g., “I can help. I have an X-part methodology that is designed for the exact issue you mention. Would you like to hear more?”).
  • 5Ask what the client would like to do next. Listen and respond.

Six Steps to Extend a Client Contract for an Additional Six Months (and then another, and another) with the
Coach Master Toolkit

“These frameworks allow me to focus on my clients more actively and effectively, resulting in satisfied clients.”— Mike King, Executive Coach, USA
  • 1Listen for top challenges and key initiatives -- from the client’s perspective.
  • 2Choose the toolkit(s) that can help address the challenges and move key initiatives forward.
  • 3Craft a statement about the benefits and value of the toolkit’s concepts and how its proven approach can make a huge difference to the client.
  • 4Identify all of the key decision makers and how best to build the relationship.
  • 5Develop a plan to get in front of the key decision makers and communicate the benefits you can offer – tying everything back to their top challenges and key initiatives.
  • 6Repeat.
Here is how to get the Coach Master Toolkit
today and start seeing the results of more
impact to clients, longer client engagements and
better client relationships. Click here to see a list of some of the frameworks that you receive with the Coach Master Toolkit.

What you receive with your initial six-month membership:

  • A NEW Tool from the Coach Master Toolkit every month – with an unprecedented, first-of-its-kind license to brand, adapt and market with your logo.

    Every month you get a new, best-practice executive/leadership coach framework from the Coach Master Toolkit. The framework comes in easy-to-use worksheet formats -- one version in Word and one in Excel so that you choose the format that works best for you. You even have license to adapt it and brand it with your logo without paying any royalties (the only thing you cannot do is share it with other coaching professionals or train other professionals to use it). You do not have permission to use high tech delivery to mass market the frameworks. You have permission to translate the frameworks and use them in any form except for teaching or training the other coaches. The monthly format gives you time to integrate each new tool into your practice and get maximum value as a busy coaching professional. At the same time, after your 30-day trial, you will receive one framework per month in your member area. Again, a single tool in the toolkit, sold one time, can pay back your investment tenfold or more.

  • A “How to Use the Tool” webinar and podcast.

    View a webinar each month that describes the framework, and when and how to use it to make the biggest difference to clients to keep them longer. The webinar is in your member area for you to view, and also converted to audio podcast format.

  • Written transcript.

    If you prefer reading to video or audio formats, we transcribe each webinar so that you have a ready-to-go, handy step-by-step guide to using the tool.

  • Venus

    Unlimited email support directly from me – the Coach Master Toolkit developer Andrew Neitlich.

    Ask any marketing or coaching question you have and I will reply personally, almost always within one business day. I will even review your marketing message, marketing materials, website, and plan to get visible. My clients rave about the personal support I provide and the access I give. This is like having your own personal coach. To emphasize: I will answer your questions personally, not someone from my team; you get my personal email for 24/7 email support! Other programs offer pre-recorded marketing advice, but here you get personalized advice for your situation.

  • PLUS: Approved for ICF RD CCEUs training hours. The content in the Coach Master Toolkit is part of the ICF-accredited Center for Executive Coaching (an ACTP) training curriculum. Each webinar is approximately 1 1/2 hours in length and qualifies for RD CCEU training hours.


Bonus 1


Membership in an exclusive, incredible community of coaches committed to having maximum impact. Members are invited to a private LinkedIn group to share best practices, get support, and get questions answered. This is a great opportunity for us to form a true community, an army of coaches working to change the world and have maximum impact with our clients. I will moderate this group personally to make sure that it stays active and that members are challenged and engaged.

Bonus 2


Get two additional coaching frameworks during your very first month. Most coaches already use some form of behavioral and perceptual coaching, and so we want you to have our behavioral and perceptual toolkits at no extra cost to you. You also get an additional webinar to discuss these tools. Note that these frameworks, like the entire Coach Master Toolkit, are formatted so that it is easy for you to integrate them into what you already do as a coach.

Bonus 3


Get an "idea jogger" application that lets you instantly access the coaching questions in each framework in a logical, structured approach. That way, you have each framework at the tip of your fingertips for immediately use and access any time for support to use when preparing for a client meeting or using with a client.

Bonus 4


Q&A sessions every quarter summarizing questions and best practices from coaches. This is in addition to the 24/7 email support. I will personally lead these sessions and share with you all of the best practices, questions/answers, and ideas from the community to help us be better coaches and keep improving our game.

Bonus 5


Coaching framework of your choice. If there is a coaching framework you really wanted in your six months, but wasn't one of the first ones offered, you can get that framework simply by requesting it. That way, you don't have to be concerned whether the initial tools meet your coaching practice's top needs

Bonus 6


Limited to the first 60 people who register during the open enrollment period:

Get a 30-minute one:one coaching session directly with Andrew Neitlich. Andrew is the author of Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches, leader of a top coach training program, and a sought-after mentor to coaches around the world. Register immediately for the Coach Master Toolkit and enjoy a coaching session with him to discuss whatever you want to take your coaching practice to the next level. If you are one of the first to register, you will receive an invitation to schedule your coaching session at any time, via phone or skype. However, you have to register quickly to secure your spot!

Special Unanounced bonus

Special ‘Unannounced’ Bonus: Business Development Turbo Charge Training

Andrew Neitlich has just recorded for members of the Coach Master Toolkit a two-hour training webinar which is placed in your member portal. This training covers his Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches approach to filling your practice with clients. Andrew's approach is unique and his seminars typically command $1500 - $2500, while he receives speaking fees in the mid five figures at major events. In addition, he is offers this training along with a review of your marketing message and plan to get visible, along with ongoing support – as a bonus to you, and again, it is recorded and added to the member area.

The program covers what it really takes to position yourself as a top-tier executive and business coach, without any gimmicks. This unique approach unique will show you how to choose a niche and depending on the power of your current network, the percentage of time you need to focus on being a specialist vs. a generalist. You will learn how to attract and keep clients without needing to invest in any slick online marketing tactics that require a team of web developers that cost a fortune.

Also you will discover how to use your natural talents, and simple coaching conversations to guide prospects through the process of deciding whether to work with you or not. Very important, you will learn how to figure out quickly whether a prospect is wasting your time, or whether they have a good chance of hiring you. That way, business development feels natural and puts you in control. In short, you will get the inside track on the most efficient, low-cost, high-impact activities that are natural for coaches to do, that will attract clients without feeling awkward or uncomfortable. This webinar alone -- plus the follow up that comes with it -- is worth your membership in Coach Master Toolkit, and will give you never ending value. But you have to register and join as a member to take advantage of this bonus training – so join now to get this special opportunity!

Three Payment Options for You:
  • Coach Master Toolkit
  • Best Client Value
    One Payment in full of $997 today.
    Discount 11% OFF your membership (Instantly SAVE $125)
  • Three payments of $347.
    Just one payment today.
    One payment in 30 days, one in 60 days. (Save $44)
  • Six payments of $187.
    Just one payment today.
    One payment each 30 days for total of six.

Your Member Experience Your first six months of membership are just $997. UK clients will have 20% VAT added. After initial six months, you continue monthly or choose other options. We only want you to continue if you are getting great value! You pay only $187 per month for the next tool and training. (Plus continue to receive all of the support provided including the private LinkedIn group, 24/7 email support, member area, bonuses, and Q+A sessions.) After six months, you can cancel anytime. You are also covered by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee as soon as you register. In other words, there is no risk to you throughout the program. Our job is to give you so much value that you can't wait for the next tool and support.

my pledge

I want you to feel completely comfortable registering for the Coach Master Toolkit. I also want to provide you with maximum support so that you are more successful than ever before as a coach, and bring phenomenal impact to your clients and to the coaching field as a whole. Therefore:

  • I will respond to your emails promptly, usually within one business day.

  • You will get your questions answered directly by me, the developer of the Coach Master Toolkit, and not from a member of my team.

  • I will work with all members to provide exceptional support and insights, and bring us together so that we work together to bring maximum impact to our clients and keep improving the way coaches are perceived around the world. Let’s make a huge difference!

  • You can use each toolkit without paying any royalty – something that is unprecedented in this industry. You can brand each toolkit with your name and logo. You can adapt it. You can write articles, blog, and give speeches based on the content. All I ask is that you credit the source, and do not use the tool to train other coaches or professionals. This open source, royalty-free license is unlike anything available, and I am doing it so that coaches continue to improve our ability to make a massive difference and be seen as delivering enormous value.

  • Normally I don't offer a guarantee. However, in partnership with WBECS, I am offering a 30-day no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied by the end of 30 days and don’t see how the Coach Master Toolkit can help you be a better coach and keep clients longer, let me know and I will refund your money in full.


Andrew Neitlich
Founder and Developer, Coach Master Toolkit