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  • 1 The skills to master one of our core frameworks so you can help overwhelmed leaders prioritize, organize, and manage their workload and employees with supreme efficiency and clarity. The affect is a more productive and aligned organization that meets their objectives faster and with less friction.
  • 2 A PROVEN technique for selling this framework and closing high ticket engagements.
  • 3 You’ll get a step-by-step walk through and a 65-page instruction manual on how to use the toolkit for maximum impact so you’ll get great results for your clients and keep them engaged longer.
  • 4 Full usage rights including rights to brand the toolkit with your logo and name as your own (ONLY when you watch through to the end of the training).
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Andrew Neitlich

Presented by:

Andrew Neitlich

Developer, Coach Master Toolkit

Founder: The Center for Executive Coaching and Institute for Business Growth;

Author: Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches; The Way to Coach Executives; and Elegant Leadership: Simple Strategies, Remarkable Results

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